Discover the ministries of the International Grace of God Church where you will find a universe of opportunities to connect, grow and serve. Here, you will find a variety of ministries that meet the spiritual, social and emotional needs of those who come to us. Explore our different ministry groups, each designed to edify, teach, and promote spiritual growth in specific areas of the Christian life. Dedicate yourself to nourishing faith by caring for others, promoting social actions, living and spreading the Gospel.

Women Who Win

The Women Who Win Ministry seeks to build the Body of Christ, awakening the female public to live God's will, develop self-esteem, heal emotional wounds, rescue family principles and value faith and trust in God.
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Men Who Win

The Men Who Win Ministry seeks to build the Body of Christ, awakening men to live the will of the Lord and rescue the principles of family, valuing faith and trust in God. To access the exclusive content of the Men Who Win Ministry, you need to be registered.
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Kids Who Win

Hello! Welcome to the Kids Who Win page. May you find resources that will help you prepare your classes! We are located at 791 São João Avenue in São Paulo.
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Youth Who Win

The Youth Who Win Ministry aims to lead young people from all over Brazil to the presence of God, guiding them in biblical principles to fulfill the purpose of preaching the gospel to every creature. Beyond that, it aims to form men and women of God, who serve as an example of Christians wherever they go, whether at home, at school, at college or at work.
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Those who have a calling from God to evangelize Brazil and the world!