Sponsor Ministry

What is the Sponsor Ministry?

The Sponsor Ministry was created when the Lord God placed in the heart of Doctor Soares the need to have a group of people who, with him, will pray and sponsor God's work throughout the world. The Sponsors are those who feel called by God to bless His work.


To make a donation, make a transfer via Banco Bradesco and provide the SWIFT number:


If you're donating in EURO, provide the IBAN code as well:

BR05 6074 6948 0337 8000 0293 156C 1


How important is the Sponsor Ministry?

With the help of God's people, the Word of the Lord has reached regions where the devil has always reigned and, therefore, he will do everything to close the mouths of the Most High’s chosen ones. However, without a doubt, the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church of Christ (Matthew 16:18)


I want to be a Sponsor. What should I do?

If you feel the calling of God to be a Sponsor, you must register. All those who are registered will receive, periodically, a gift and a special message written by Dr. Soares.


Why do I need to register?

You don’t need to register. Those who prefer can skip this step and go directly to the donation page. However, remember that, by filling in the fields with your details, you will inform Dr. Soares that he needs to contact you.



When I become a Sponsor, am I guaranteed to receive the blessings I want?

We never teach that offerings buy blessings from God, as they are given to us freely; however, they demonstrate the love we have for the work of God.

Become a Sponsor

Register as a Sponsor if:

You are already a Sponsor but is not registered on our website yet and you wish to generate bills of exchange to make donations easily.;

You are not yet a Sponsor and you felt in your heart God's calling to be part of this work.