Here you will find the main websites of the International Grace of God Church gathered in one place, providing easy access to various content. This menu is a gateway to a range of resources, enriching the visitors' spiritual journey with relevant and inspiring content.

RIT (International Television Network)

RIT is present in 289 free-to-air channels around the country and can be accessed in real time through social media as well.

RIT has a diverse programming, 24 hours a day, with journalistic, entertainment, faith, sports and children's content, among others. The importance of RIT lies in its ability to communicate with the entire gospel market, providing credibility and coherence across its programming.

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We started our activities as Graça Editorial and, with the increase in demand for products, we expanded and were able to work with several brands, thus creating Shopping do Povo in Your Home, your Christian online store!

Our store is supplied with items that speak of the Word and love of God. And for that, we have some partnerships, for example: Graça Editorial, Graça Music and Graça Films, which offer a variety of products to serve those who wish to feed on the teachings of the Christian faith.

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The phonographic branch of the International Grace of God Church, whose mission is to make music a great ally in spreading the Word of God.

Today, Graça Music has even more defined values, and has reaped many fruits: its catalog has singers with national and international recognition, including a Latin Grammy nominee.

The Graça Music brand is increasingly consolidated in the industry and among the listeners, and, most importantly, the record company continues with its mission to spread and amplify the Word through music.

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Graça Films' main mission is to produce and distribute films that contribute to the growth of the Kingdom of Christ and offer a good family foundation.

With an innovative vision, Graça Films has several products in its catalog – which include action films, comedy, drama, and other genres –, in addition to sales successes: Destiny Road, Paul, the little missionary and the animation adapted from John Bunyan’s great classic, The Pilgrim’s progress.

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For 40 years, Graça Editorial has been a light in the Brazilian publishing market, with an unshakable commitment to bringing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus to those who seek hope and improvement.

With deep roots in Brazil, where our headquarters reside, our influence and reach extend beyond borders, establishing a presence in other countries. Our catalog has more than 400 titles, bringing together works by renowned national authors, such as Doctor R. R. Soares, Pr. Abraão de Almeida and Jayme Kemp. In addition, we have the privilege of distributing inspiring works by international authors, such as A. W. Tozer, Kenneth Hagin, T. L. Osborn, among other revered names.

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With the largest range of evangelical channels on the market, Nossa TV Brasileira differentiates itself with its 12 exclusive channels, in addition to the already internationally renowned channels with content such as sports, documentaries, children's channels, films and series.

Nossa TV Brasileira is a TV subscription company with digital signal technology and high-definition broadcasts with service throughout the national territory, operating since September 2007. It is the fifth-largest TV subscription operator in the country, with 100% equity. The purpose of Nossa TV Brasileira is “to be recognized as a Christian company that values excellence in the provision of TV subscription services and the quality of the content it distributes.”

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Graça Kids is made of faith, information and fun. Created more than ten years ago as a Graça Editorial imprint, the brand aims to contribute to the educational and spiritual development of children and pre-teens.

Its mission is to promote the teachings of Christ, in a playful way, based on the Word of God. Aware of new industry demands, Graça Kids delves deep into the children's universe through a monthly magazine, books, Bibles, cartoons and a range of products. Its main characters are the Grace Squad and Paul, the little missionary.

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Graça Magazine/Faith Show

The Graça Magazine/Faith Show was born in early 1999, from a project by Dr. R. R. Soares, who dreamed of making the Christian faith magazine available on the market. The objective of the magazine was quite clear: to be a channel of both information and edification for the Body of Christ.

After months of work and dedication from the teams involved in the production, in August 1999, issue number 1 of Graça Magazine, as it was called at the time, reached readers.
Starting with issue 46 in May 2003, Graça Magazine gained the Faith Show complement, further highlighting the healings and blessings witnessed on Dr. Soares’ TV show. In the following edition, the change was consolidated, and the publication was renamed Graça Magazine/Faith Show.

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Certeza da Vitória is a publication that was born in Dr. R. R. Soares’ heart to bless the sponsors of the International Grace of God Church (IIGD) ministry.

Since its first edition, in May 2019, the Sponsor Bulletin – as it is affectionately called by our team – has brought testimonies from all 191 nations, where the message of the Gospel has been shared through TV shows and digital media, such as Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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The Faith Show Newspaper

Created in 2006, the Faith Show Newspaper presents the Gospel of Jesus to people through the ministry of Dr. R. R. Soares and the International Grace of God Church. The objective of the publication was quite clear: to be a channel of both information and edification for the Body of Christ.

Just like the TV show, presented by Dr. Soares, which bears the same name, the newspaper shows the operation of the power of the Almighty in the meetings held by the founder of International Grace of God Church (IIGD) throughout Brazil and in other countries. In addition, it disseminates testimonies reported in the churches and on the TV shows, including SOS of Faith.
In this way, the newspaper has helped thousands of people to learn about the Scriptures, experience a new story of healing, prosperity and life transformation, and achieve the salvation of Christ.

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