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Yellow September: suicide prevention month
Yellow September: suicide prevention month

Graça em Ação arrives in Cidade de Deus

Several free services will be available in the region

Photo by Graça em Ação


On September 2nd, Graça em Ação will be present at the International Grace of God Church (IIGD) in Cidade de Deus, in the west zone of Rio de Janeiro. The social project consists of offering the community several free services.

This is a loving initiative, supported by the International Grace of God Church (IIGD), which seeks to serve the population in several areas, such as legal and medical assistance, physiotherapy and psychology sessions, and professional courses. The project provides a free platform for promoting graduate students, who offer excellent services to the public.

Dalton Cesar Filhopastor at the IIGD in Cidade de Deus comments on the importance of this project for the community: “It goes beyond individual activities and is rooted in the idea that, coming together towards a common goal, we can create a positive and lasting impact on society”.

The project renews the spirit of those who seek it: “Real change begins at a personal and local level. This way, we strive to develop initiatives that meet the real needs of citizens. Graça em Ação provides practical assistance and feeds the hope of those covered by it.”

The initiative reflects IIGD’s social commitment: “Our Church aims to generate something good for the community of Cidade de Deus. As part of this vision, the project reflects our ongoing commitment to the good of others”, says the pastor.

Services that will be provided:

– Physiotherapy: electrotherapy

– Nutrition: body assessment using bioimpedance

– Legal advice

– Social services

– Exemption for issuing documents

– Blood typing (testing)

– Vital signs check

– Psychology

– Electrocardiogram (with pre-report)

– Women’s haircuts

The initiative will take place this Saturday, at IIGD in Cidade de Deus, at 1313 Edgard Werneck Street, Cidade de Deus (RJ), from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The services are free, and will be on a first-come, first-served basis, according to password distribution.

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