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A shower of blessings in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro
A shower of blessings in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro

She was healed by faith


* *Warning: this article contains sensitive images

Marli da Rocha Iwassa Catalini, 59 years old, who lives in Limeira – São Paulo, received a terrible diagnosis one month ago. During a doctor’s appointment, after hurting her tongue and noticing it was not healing, she discovered a malignant tumor that worsened with time.

Malignant tumor diagnosis – Photo: Personal Archive

Most of the time, diagnosis occurs in advanced stages, causing mortality in many cases. Therefore, it is considered a worrisome public health problem. According to information from the National Cancer Institute (INCA), 377,713 new cases (lips and oral cavity) were recorded worldwide in 2020, affecting 264,211 men and 113,502 women, with a mortality rate of up to 50%.

In Marli’s case, the doctors said that 75% of her tongue would need to be removed, which would have a radical effect on her daily life, such as difficulty speaking and eating. Despite the frightening news, the servant of God did not lose heart and by her faith determined that she would not need to cut out her tongue. “I handed it over to God, I said: Jesus, I’m not going to do this, because God is going to heal me!”, she declared.

Before and After the miracle – Photo: Personal Archive

In a great move of God, the entire family that was far from the Gospel, returned to Jesus and joined Marli in prayer for the purpose of her healing. To everyone’s joy, just one month after the diagnosis, the doctors couldn’t believe what they saw: she was healed of the disease. Jéssica Catalini, Marli’s daughter, tells us that the doctor, who declared himself a non-believer, when faced with the miracle, said: “Something happened here! Look, now I believe in your God, because I’ve never seen this happen in my life!”

Marli went through exams again, which showed no more signs of the disease or infection. She testifies with joy about her miracle: “Today I am here speaking; I wasn’t able to speak or eat anymore. Today I am eating and talking, because Jesus performed a miracle in my life. Because when we entrust ourselves to the Lord and trust in Him, He will do everything, for God nothing is impossible.”

The move of God in Marli’s life, and in the life of so many other people who believe in His power, is proof of how wonderful He is and able to do works that no men can do. The Lord does everything for those who trust in Him. Have faith in the Most High and, place your problems and trials in His hands and watch the impossible happen.

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