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Service at our church in Taquara celebrates Dr. Soares’ birthday
God is bigger than cancer
Service at our church in Taquara celebrates Dr. Soares’ birthday
God is bigger than cancer

A shower of blessings in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro

The event gathered hundreds of believers in Madureira

By Thamires Lopes

Photo by Graça em Ação


On a day of faith and prayer, once again, the meeting led by Dr. R. R. Soares took God’s message to a crowd. Today (13) the International Grace of God Church, located at 120 Armando Cruz Square in Madureira (Rio De Janeiro), received many believers who were thirsty for the Word and seeking a miracle.

The joy of serving the Lord – Photo by Sara Machado
The Madureira church celebrating – Photo by Sara Machado

The service had the special presence of Pastor Rogério Silva praising the Lord with songs as ‘Victory Day’ and ‘That’s how it is with Jesus’, leading the crowd to worship the Lord and preparing them to receive spiritual food, which is the message of the Gospel.

Pr. Rogerio Silva worships at the service in Madureira – Photo by Sara Machado

Dr. R. R. Soares dedicated little Matheus, the newborn son of Pastor Maiquel Marques, to the Lord. The leader was present with his entire family. Excited, they received the blessing through Dr. Soares.

Pr. Maiquel, his family, Dr. Soares and Mrs. Madalena Soares – Photo by Sara Machado
Dr. Soares and little Matheus – Photo by Sara Machado
Dr. Soares prays and blesses Matheus Machado’s life – Photo by Sara Machado

The divine message that touched Dr. Soares’ heart reveals that God wants to teach us through the understanding of the Word. We are part of the Body of Christ, and He has a wonderful plan for each of us. We are God’s harvest, prepared to receive our blessings according to the ability the Creator gives us. We must fulfill His purpose in our lives, as described in Isaiah 5.1-2:

Now let me sing to my Well-beloved a song of my Beloved regarding His vineyard: My Well-beloved has a vineyard on a very fruitful hill. He dug it up and cleared out its stones, and planted it with the choicest vine.

Dr. Soares preaches the Word – Photo by Sara Machado

The service celebrating the Lord was full of anointing, manifesting divine power through unshakable faith. There were many testimonies of miracles during the prayer led by Dr. Soares, as was the case of Mr. Odair Francisco, 86 years old, who suffered for two years from severe pain in his arm and was unable to perform his daily activities:

“I wasn’t able to exert myself, I couldn’t lift my arms and I had difficulty performing everyday tasks. After the prayer I was healed!”

Mr. Odair after receiving his blessing – Photo by Sara Machado

Eva Maria felt a lot of pain since breaking her collarbone nine years ago, after falling down the stairs:

“They said I needed surgery, but I was scared. I used to feel a lot of pain when doing simple activities. Now, I’m healed!”

Sister Eva after receiving her blessing – Photo by Sara Machado
Sister Eva lifts up the Word of God in gratitude for her blessing – Photo by Sara Machado

Derci Rodrigues received her blessing as well:

“I wasn’t able to lift my arm for forty years and now after Dr. Soares’ prayer I am healed, for the honor and glory of the Lord.”

Sister Dercy was able to lift her arms after forty years – Photo by Sara Machado

Keep the faith, and your life will be transformed. Divine power performs miracles, because, for God, everything is possible. Follow Doctor R. R. Soares’ schedule on the Ongrace website and social media and stay up to date with upcoming events.

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