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God is bigger than cancer
God is bigger than cancer

Wherever the Gospel arrives, evil leaves!

Dozens of people are healed in Italy and Portugal

By Alessandra Nunes, from Ongrace

Photos: Henrique Batista


And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15). In order to fulfill this commandment of Jesus, Doctor R. R. Soares, after passing through Spain and Romania, went to Rome, in Italy, where he preached, on April 22nd, and then, to the cities of Porto and Lisbon, in Portugal, on April 24th and 25th.

In these faith campaigns, Doctor R. R. Soares explained that many people are unable to overcome the problems they are facing because they do not understand that the word Gospel means good news and is not a religion.

Doctor Soares preaches at the “Pallazzetto delle Carte”, in Roma – Photo: Andreea Alexandru

He taught the biblical passage about a blind man described in John 9:1-3: Now as Jesus passed by, He saw a man who was blind from birth. And His disciples asked Him, saying, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him.

Doctor Soares explains that faith is not religion – Photo: Evellen Sousa

The preacher revealed a common thought among disciples of the past and those of today: that of accusing instead of trying to understand what God wants to do. “Sometimes a sinful person will tell you that you won’t be healed because you are not holy enough. Then, you condemn yourself and cannot be blessed”, explains Doctor Soares, adding that such thinking is religious and displeases God. “Jesus replied that neither that man nor his parents had sinned, that is, it doesn’t matter who made a mistake, but that the Lord was there to heal him”, he concludes.

According to the leader of the International Grace of God Church, blindness is not always physical, but spiritual, due to the lack of knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. But the moment the Word is understood, the doors open. “Friend, there is no difficult problem for Jesus! If you understand the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ, you will be blessed!”, he reinforces.

Photo: Evellen Sousa

After the message, the minister of the Gospel invited anyone who was facing some type of problem to come forward and, after crying out for God’s move, dozens of people testified about the miracles received. Among them, Victor Ciurar, 43 years old, who was born with spastic cerebral palsy on the left side, which hindered the development of motor function, making the muscles in his legs weak, preventing him from walking properly.

He has screws in his back and had surgery last year. But, after the intercession, he even managed to run through the hall of the Pallazzetto delle Carte, in Rome. “I feel better and I’m very happy!”, he celebrates alongside his wife Maria Ciurar, who was also delivered from the pain she felt in her sciatic nerve. Diagnosed with mouth cancer, Alin Prunoiu, 13 years old, could not hear clearly, but his hearing was unlocked when he attended the service.

In Portugal, Abigail Nazaré, 76 years old, arrived for the meeting in Porto with a walker, which she had been using for a decade. “Due to a back problem, I lost my balance and the doctor said I couldn’t walk without support,” she says.

But, after the prayer, faith contradicted Medicine, and she was able to walk normally through the church’s aisle without needing anything to support herself. It was no different with Maria Armina, 85 years old, who entered the temple supported by a crutch and left with it on her shoulder, no longer needing it. “Now you will keep it at home as a souvenir”, advised Doctor Soares.

Diagnosed with arthrosis in her knees, Silvia Pereira, 60 years old, felt pain when walking and making sudden movements. However, the faith in her heart led her to travel from France to Portugal, in order to attend the service, and the result was seen by everyone present.

“Now I can bend my knees and even run, as I no longer feel pain,” she declares. Since she was a child, Maria Conceição, 65 years old, suffered from complete hearing loss in her left ear. Upon realizing that she was blessed in the meeting with Dr. R. R. Soares, she revealed:

Maria Conceição recovered hearing in her left ear – Photo: Henrique Batista

“I always prayed for Jesus to heal me, just like He did for the blind and deaf mentioned in the Bible, and today, I received my blessing and I can hear!” The days of campaigns carried out by Doctor R. R. Soares throughout Europe demonstrate that the Lord is only looking for a heart that believes in His Word to continue operating, today, the same wonders performed in the past.

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